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What's Up!

After an exciting year in uncovering new technologies, Ocean of Opportunities Challenge is back again!

This year, we are shaking things up and running things slightly differently. Participants can either opt to solve the challenge statements that are pre-set by ONE, or craft and solve their own challenge statements in the open category. As a special segment to the open category, we are inviting participants to join us at a design thinking workshop to get a taste of the pain points experienced by the industry before constructing their own challenge statements.

Opportunities not to be missed. Onboard with us to anchor your solutions for the maritime and shipping industry today!

For enquiries, please email us at info@ooo.sg.

Challenge categories

Choose one of the categories and submit a proposal on how you would solve that pain point

General Category | Special Category

General Category

Real-time monitoring and tracking container conditions

How can we maintain a high visibility of our container statuses and conditions with minimal human intervention by internal and external stakeholders?

Click here for video

Auto-digitalisation of contracts and documents

How can we accurately record key contents of those documents into our in- house systems in an automatic or semi-automatic way?

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Prevention of hull and propeller fouling

Are we able to prevent hull fouling by using new technology?

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Digitalisation in ship inspection

How can we manage our large amounts of photos easily for future use?

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Vessel space control using machine learning models

Would it be possible to make a reliable model to imitate decisions that are currently made by experienced staff?

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Special Category

Theme - Innovative ways to optimise use of CRM tools

How can we encourage maximum usage and returns while keeping workload to a minimum for the sales person?

Registration for the Design Thinking workshop is closed.

However, you are still welcome to submit your proposals for this challenge statement via the google form right above

Value Proposition

Prizes to be won

First prize winners walk away with SGD 5000 cash prize in total.
Second and third prize winners can look forward to SGD 2000 and SGD 1000 respectively.

Shared Spaces

You can test out your solutions on our test beds and operational sites, or even see your idea being implemented in ports and ships all over the world.
You will also have access to our office spaces to develop your ideas.

Exhibition chance

Have your chance to exhibit at innovfest unbound 2019! (We're expecting more than 13,000 visitors to visit!)

Boot Camp

We will have a boot camp where you can continue developing your ideas.
There will be workshops that can bring your ideas to further heights.


Hear from real industry players who will be mentors to share their experiences.
You will work with our project managers who are familiar with the container shipping industry.

Industry Exposure

Make use of this chance to learn more about the opportunities that this trillion dollar industry can offer.


12th Febuary

Kopi Chat Deep Dive:Sailing through digital waters

15th March

Ocean of Opportunities Roadshow 1
@ BLOCK71 Singapore

2nd April

Deadline for O3 Design Thinking Workshop signup

11th April

Half day Design Thinking Workshop

22nd April

Ocean of Opportunities Roadshow 2
& Overseas Online Roadshow

13th May

Submission deadline for all categories - 5:00pm

27th May

Announcement for pre-pitch selection

10th June

Pre pitch session

14th June

Announcement of shortlist for final pitch

27th June

Final pitch at Innovfest unbound 2019!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not living in Singapore. Can I take part?
Yes! Please join us! We can do a skype call out for pre-pitch, however, if you are selected to pitch at InnovFest unBound 2019 (taking place in Singapore), you will need to be present in person.
I have no experience or knowledge about the shipping industry nor about the container liner business…
Come join us in our DT workshops- it will be a workshop tailored to help you understand the pain points in this industry. Interested? Find out more and register here
I am just a student, I have no company to work with.
That’s fine; if your idea is brilliant, we will be glad to work with you during POC to bring it to fruition.
How much does this cost to take part?
It’s free!
Can I take part as an individual?
Yes, go ahead and submit your solo proposal. However should you form teams, the most number of people in a team is restricted to 5 people. Your members should be in only one team, not multiple teams.
When is the deadline for submission?
13th May 2019, 1700h
Late entries will not be entertained. Please submit your entries here.
What am I supposed to submit?
For both Categories- Prepare a proposal and name the file in this format . pdf For each proposal, please state clearly- 1) a simple introduction of the key team members and their background, 2) which problem statement you are working on, 3) a simple introduction of the technology behind your solution, 4) and explain your solution.
Can I take part in more than one problem?
Yes, you are most welcome to submit a solution for each problem. Please fill in the form once for each solution that you submit. Please also ensure you have separate proposals for each problem. Please draft a new proposal for each topic, and not just the company brochures. All submissions should still be in by 13th May, 1700h.
Who owns the IP and rights to the materials submitted to you?
You will continue to own all IP rights to the materials submitted by you and whilst organizers will obtain a licence to use these materials, please be assured that the licence is non-exclusive in nature and you will continue to be free to use the materials yourself and/or license similar rights to third parties. Going forward, in the event of any joint-collaboration between the organizers and yourself, please be assured that we would seek to first agree details of such collaboration with you (e.g. IP ownership of jointly developed IP, details regarding the commercialization of such IP etc) before to embarking on the collaboration.
Can I participate in both categories?
Yes, we welcome you to join us in both categories. Same as above, just submit a new proposal.
I need data. Will data be provided?
There are some data which can be readily sourced from online or open sources. Before Innovfest unBound 2019, we will not be providing any information to teams. Post selection, if there are data that only The Organisers can provide, we will provide relevant data according to needs of the solution.
What is the judging like?
We have an extra round of pitching this time. Please avail yourself in the afternoon of 10 June (TBC). As per last year, your submissions will be judged based on –

  • Innovation
  • Technical Competency
  • Business Value
  • User Experience
Unfortunately, at this point, we are unable to reveal the exact breakdown of the scores.
We will have another pitching at innovfest unbound 26 Jun, and attendance by a representative is mandatory.
I took part last year, can I take part again?
Sure! Just prepare your updated and relevant proposal and submit it again.
Can a different person pitch at pre pitch and final pitch?
Sure, we will judge mainly based on the content of the proposal.
I still have questions!
Please email us at info@ooo.sg.

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Symphony Creative Solutions (SCS) focuses on changes that are happening right now in the Shipping & Logistics industry and strives to lead innovation by bridging industry with new technologies. As an innovative platform provider, we create business solutions that meet the needs of the industry and contribute to its development. We understand the hurdles in innovation and proactively seek partners to collaborate with, ultimately, to bring positive change to the Shipping and Logistics industry. Through Ocean of Opportunities (O3) Challenge, SCS aspires to identify and achieve the best and most effective solutions for the Shipping & Logistics industries.
For more information, visit www.scs71.com

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ONE(Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.) is a major new global container shipping company, that came to market in 2018, and is offering an extensive liner network service portfolio covering over 120 countries with more than 240 vessels internationally. Its key focus is on enhanced service and innovation, supported by a highly professional and experienced staff organisation with a strong financial balance sheet. The past year has seen ONE implementing numerous innovation projects, both internally and externally.

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NUS Enterprise plays a pivotal role in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship at NUS. It actively promotes entrepreneurship and cultivates global mind-sets and talents through the synergies of experiential entrepreneurial education, active industry partnerships, holistic entrepreneurship support and catalytic entrepreneurship outreach. As Asia's Thought Leader for Innovation & Enterprise, its initiatives complement and add a unique perspective to NUS teaching and research at the University and beyond.
For more information, visit www.enterprise.nus.edu.sg